Ya Dun Know Guide to Huddersfield


This week we are checking out Huddersfield, some might think an unlikely candidate for having a decent underground music movement; but then people probably think that about Portsmouth.  We caught up with Matt Newcombe, head honcho at the night Ya Dun Know; another one pushing the cross-pollunation of bass driven sounds on a UK dancefloor.   Best venues: Zetland Bar / Little Buddha


Best places to eat?

If you want a Burger, Gotta be Zetland!!! Marimonte – Steak & Fish restaurant 3 Acres – if your feeling flush


Best venues:

Zetland Bar / Little Buddha


Nicest pub?

Vox, Herberts, Verve


Decent shops?

The CITP ( Wood ( Endemic (


Good things or places you wouldn’t know unless you lived there?

Castle Hill. According to my geography teacher, You can draw a straight line from Huddersfield to Vladivostok in Russia and there won’t be a higher point than Castle Hill.  It’s probably total Bollocks but I always remember that.


Local slang:

Ya Dun Know hahaha




Places to avoid?

Pretty much all the bars down the main street, you know the ones, Weatherspoons, Yates, etc


Worst thing about Huddersfield?

The young girls that think they’re starring in The only way is Essex.  Oh, and Mcat!


Are there any local legends/characters/personalities in the area?

There’s an old guy who looks like Doc Brown from back to the future.  He’s always out in the clubs on student nights haha.  Guy must be about 80 now too!  Not sure if he’s really cool or sleazy as hell.  Probably both


Tell us a bit more about your night, fill us in on how your club night started..

I suppose I’m getting on a bit now and have played all the other nights in Hudds.  We used to have a night in town called Afterparty run by Doorly but due to his busy schedule, and the fact he’s now living it up in LA, they stopped running.  Myself and Tony had seen a venue (Zetland) previously but the place has been shut for the past year and never properly utilsed before then.  We didn’t really want to start something unless it was there to be honest.  Nothing else quite matched up.  Eventually someone took the venue on over the summer and we started in September! Musically, I think it’s fair to say Huddersfield has always been behind the times even when Afterparty was running.  I guess our aim is to try bring something fresh to the town.  I’m not really a fan of genres and don’t really want us to get tied down to anything specific.  It’s just good music, good people and lot’s of fun!


What has been the key to the success of the night?

 I think the fact that we’re doing something totally different to anything Huddersfield’s had before has helped.  People come not just because of the music but because they’re gonna have a good time!


Any forthcoming events you’d like to shout about?

Yeah, we’ve got Mickey Pearce down on the 13th of April, looking forward to this one.  After that you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled!


How would u say the parties bring different people together?

Is this where I say something really cheesy like ‘it’s the love of the music that brings us all together’ To be honest, since we started in September it’s started a bit of an underground movement in Huddersfield and we know have a couple other nights running at the same venue who are also pushing the same kind of vibe.  In regards to the people who attend, it’s mad how varied it is.  We’re pulling in people that wouldn’t have dreamt of coming to a House or Garage night before but they love coming down because of the atmosphere.