Waifs & Strays – Interview

How did you find your night at Concrete?

R: Great party, I really enjoyed it and look forward to coming back. Its an unusual venue but it works because you have a really good crowd down there!

When did you first start producing? Have you always made music together?

A: About 5 years ago, and have been doing the Waifs & Strays project for about 4 of those.

Biggest influences on your style, in terms of Djing and Producting

R: We are surrounded by talent here in Bristol at the moment, which all feeds into and influences our style.

How long have you been involved in music for?

A: I have been involved with music for about 13 years now – promoting, DJ, producing…still loving it as much as I always did!

R: I started DJing about 8 years ago but didn’t get into writing until a bit later. I still feel like I’ve not even scratched the surface of music yet and to be given the chance to do this is a dream come true.

3 people you would most like to collaborate with?

A: Nile Rogers, MK and Kerri Chandler

Your top label at the moment?

A: Probably either Hypercolour or Futureboogie

What are your top 5 tunes your playing out at the moment?

In no particular order:

Eats Everything – Lo to Hi (Futureboogie)

Gimme Luv – Waifs & Strays vs. Lukas – Unsigned

Bump n Flex – Leftwing & Kody – OFF

Waifs & Strays – I Saw Your Girl

Maxxi Soundsystem – Regrets We Have No Use For

Who are your top  producers at the moment and who is best to keep an eye on for the future?

A: For me Eats Everything consistently kills it with every thing he turns his hand to, and also Maxxi Soundsystem has been bringing out some amazing records this year. They are both our friends so its really nice to have your friends turning out such inspiring music!

R: On a slightly non house tip I’m loving Falty DL at the moment.

What is your Favourite Club?

A: Fabric

R: Barbarellas (Croatia) and of course Fabric.

Favourite festival?

A: Secret Garden Party

Plans in the next year?

R: Basically we just want to keep putting out good quality interesting music that works on the dancefloor, keep improving our skills live and in the studio, and go to some wkd parties!

Any Upcoming releases?

R: We have an EP coming out this year on Futureboogie Records, calls the “I Saw Your Girl EP”. Its a double A Side and both tracks have been doing damage when we have played them out. We also have a couple of tracks due out next year on Hot Creations and other bits in the pipeline as well.

Any other projects you wanna tell us about?

Not any that we want to tell you about for now ;-)