Shox – Interview

We caught up with our previous guest SHOX- Catch him live on, Each Monday 11am-2pm, on 106.8 FM.

When did you first start producing/djing?

Started messing around with djing at 15. My friend from school got some low budget turntables and we’d pile into his house after school and pretend we knew what we were actually doing. I stuck at it and convinced my Dad to buy me a set at 16 and its continued since then. As for producing I first started about 2 years ago cutting up and sampling old records and learning how to use workstations then started releasing and writing my own music about 18 months ago.

How did you first get involved with

I was involved with pirate radio since I was a teen, mainly around North London. The last station I was on before Rinse, Geeneus was involved with and I got to know him through there. This was early 2009 I started getting booked for a few parties that were affiliated with Rinse and when that station dissolved I took a break for a few months and concentrated on producing. After that I got a call from Rinse managment asking if I’d like to do a test show, which I did and the rest is history!

What is your Favourite Club?

In London I’d have to say Fabric. Its always rammed and the setup/sound and hospitality is always on point.

Did you enjoy your night at Concrete?

Yeh I had a blast! Who knew Tuesday nights in Portsmouth was that crazy eh?!

Biggest influences on your style?

Old electronica mainly. People like Moby and Aphex. But also the heavy more rave influences of garage and grime. Sticky, Agent, Narrows etc.

 Name 3 people you would most like to collaborate with? 

Good one. This always changes. At the moment probably Drop The Lime, OM Unit and Azealia Banks. 3 is so hard though. There’s tons!

Are there any particular labels you would like to release on?

Would definitely like something on 50 Weapons. Their output is crazy and suits my taste. Maybe Mad Decent too.

Who are your top 3 producers at the moment? 

Again a hard one because Im feeling so many. Right now Baauer, Roska & Royal T.

Favorite festival?

Hands down was Bestival but I played the first Dimensions Fest in Croatia this year and it was sick! The music, sound and crowd were so on point.

 Plans in the next year? 

Same formula. Just work harder.

Any Upcoming releases?

Im working on a few but thats all I can really say at the minute.

Any other projects you wanna tell us about?

Most is in the works at the moment. I can say Im getting to do my first compilation which Im very excited about.

Where can we expect to see you over the next month?

Next gig for me is Cardiff on the 25th Oct then the 31st I hit Italy for a mini tour.