Birmingham a Guide from 02:31

  We caught up with Tom Shorterz who runs the very successul party brand 02:31, which has been causing a bit of a storm up in the midlands. Handy behind the decks and in the studio himself, Shorterz is a fast rising DJ that has ...

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Quickfire questions with A1 Bassline

We caught up with A1 Bassline after his set at Concrete last December for some quickfire questions. Here’s how it went:   C – Your favorite Grime instrumental? A1 – Ah thats a tough one but Jon E Cash – War was one of them ...

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Ya Dun Know Guide to Huddersfield

  This week we are checking out Huddersfield, some might think an unlikely candidate for having a decent underground music movement; but then people probably think that about Portsmouth.  We caught up with Matt Newcombe, head honcho at the night Ya Dun Know; another one pushing ...

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